NYSE Disco, Casino, or Strip Bar?

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  1. I'm trying to figure out what the NYSE will be turned into once it shuts down as a physical exchange?

    The PSE in LA turned into a club with the bars in the location of the floor brokers. The dance floor is where the specialist used to be. The NYSE can fly in all kinds of famous DJ's/artist's to spin, have a dance floor in the main room, vip in the blue room.

    A casino would be cool but I think it wouldn't be allowed.

    Girls of NYSE, wow, maybe competition for Scores. Have blue poles everywhere.
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    I vote for strip bar....
  3. When are they shutting down the physical exchange?
  4. Who cares, I just want to be the first one getting a lap dance there!!!!:cool: :cool: :cool:
  5. That place is already a casino if you want to treat it like one. :)
  6. I estimate by mid 2008 or end of 2008. If sooner the stock will rip harder, LOL:D
  7. the next studio 54.....................or the recreation of the famous platos retreat :eek:
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    It should be turned into "The Museum Of White Collar Crime". Admission to MWCC will be free to encourage as many as possible to see what should never happen in the USA again.

    Dummies made to look like former Specialists will be hung from the ceiling.

    The restroom urinals and toilets will have pictures of former Specialists painted on them such that all patrons will be able to p_ _ and s_ _ _ directly onto them.

    Disco: There'll be a disco, but nobody will go in this section because they will only be playing one song over and over: "Stayin' Alive". (Go ahead---Play with the NYSE Specialists before this museum is opened and see how long you can "stay alive"!?!)

    Casino: One corner of the museum will be a casino, lest those future generations forget how easy it was to lose.

    Strip Bar: Yeah, there'll be a strip bar. However, nobody will dare enter this section either, because the bouncers will all be former Specialists whose only job will be to "strip" each patron of all their money when they walk through the door.

    Wait till the AMEX museum opens up----Now that place will really be fun!!! They'll be charging for entrance to this one though, cause some former Specialists will be paid to be on the advisory board for "consulting". 'Sides, where else will they be able to make a buck??
  9. I bet it becomes a gay bar. Kind of hard to get away from all of the ass-raping that takes place there.
  10. LOL!!!!!!!
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