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    There have been several recent threads about NYSE Specialist moving the bid/offer. Does anyone want to provide their recent experiences with NYSE Direct and the ability to get a better fill from the market. I recently got these orders added to my SuperNova platform but have little experience with them to date. I have been a NASDAQ trader for years but have recently made the switch over to listed for obvious reasons and am looking for other traders experience with the new order routing method.

    NYSE Direct

    NYSE Direct+ provides automatic and immediate executions of limit orders up to 1,099 shares at the published NYSE quote. These orders are designated with the NX indicator. The order is then executed and the transaction is reported directly to the firm via SuperDot with a verification of the NYSE Direct+ execution.

    NYSE Direct+ will be available on the first quote of the day, when the bid and/or offer is greater than 100 shares. It is not available during a trading halt or a non-firm quote.