NYSE daytrading volume & Hybrid

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  1. What % of overall NYSE daily volume is by proprietary daytraders?

    Lot of firms claim to do 2-3% of the daily volume. What if the total volume of all prop daytrading is like 20% of the overall volume, and since daytrading has suffered from hybrid, with the thousands of professional daytraders cutting volume by 50-70% and then % of traders even leaving the biz, is this why avg daily nyse volume is dropping? Did the NYSE forsee this, they don't seem to value daytraders much.
  2. The NYSE volume has actually increased since the hybrid, most likely becuase of an increase in bots and black boxes. I don't know of any firm that can claim to do 2-3% of the volume; I think SAC capital (a huge hedgefund) used to make that claim, and maybe Swift trade (1200 + traders paying virtually free commissions)...

    Lately the NYSE has been averaging around 3 billion shares/day. To do 1% of that volume, you need 300 daytraders each trading 100,000 shares daily. (so I guess Swift probably does do 2-4% of the volume).

    Regardless, daytraders are nothing.
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    Why do you presume that traders volume has gone down. Mine has gone up since hybrid from about 3mil a month to now about 5mil. Many of my trader friends volume numbers have increased as well.
  4. has volume really gone up on NYSE executions? i thought the increase was on INET and there was a decrease on NYSE. getting filled on NYSE is terrible compared to INET.
  5. because i recently looked at aggregate trade volume month to month at a very large (unnamed) prop daytrading firm.

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    I can't speak for other firms but I would assume volumes are increasing in Nyse stocks due to the more bot friendly trading ex specialist environment. I would think schonfeld is doing at least 50mil shares a day but prob more. There are alot of bot traders now at that firm doing over a mil a day. I'm in the process of getting my black box up but its been taking a lot longer than I expected.
  7. up through february, NYSE volume was down for sure. i dont know how they did in march. that is why NYX tanked last month after they missed earnings and didnt give a good outlook for the future.