NYSE Chief: It is time to short the market...

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  1. Port,

    Thanks for sharing a very good article.

    The low volume on this rally belies its apparent strength. Today we were looking at 870 area to sell but it looks like it won't hit.

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  2. Sold 'em. 870.75

    We may have just seen the HIGH for the month of April.

    Harold over -N- Out!
  3. You have to think about why the Nyse cheif would come out with a comment like this. What are his motives? It sounds to me like he's short, or some of his whale friends are stuck short and need a sell off to unwind their losing positions. I think this market has caught a lot of shorts off guard and is going to continue the squeeze until they capitulate and get long. Watch out, we could have a melt-up just like we had a melt-down in september/october. The market was oversold, but kept going down. Just like now, the market is overbought, but keeps climbing.
  4. Why would low volume belie 'stength?'

    It would seem to me that the very low volume of late belies a lack of conviction, if anything, and provides an opportunity for hedge funds and very active managers to manipulate direction more than they could in heavy volume environments.
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    Look up the definition of Belie, as this post clearly belies your apparent intelligence.
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    DJT has positive divergence,
    but, VIX too that actually contradicts the "forecast" issued by DJT

    --> market goes to sideways consolidation for a while?

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