NYSE Atypical / Unplanned Closures

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  1. I've been doing a little historical research and have come across four dates when the NYSE appears to have been closed and I can't figure out why:

    2007-01-02 (not New Year's)

    Does anyone know why? These are not known market holidays.
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  2. qwerty11


    Last 3 were funerals of former US presidents (I just typed in dates in google...)
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  3. That's funny.... I also tried typing the dates in google but did NOT get funerals of US presidents in the top 10 hits. Perhaps it's because I'm located in Canada and search results are modified to try to provide the information that is most relevant?? (Doesn't matter; off topic.)
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  4. Okay, I have them all now. Thanks for your help, qwerty11!

    In case it is of interest to anyone else, here are the dates the NYSE was closed between Jan 1, 1990 and today, for reasons other than planned holidays:

    1994-04-27 Day of Mourning / Funeral (President Nixon)
    2001-09-11 911 Terrorism
    2001-09-12 911 Terrorism
    2001-09-13 911 Terrorism
    2001-09-14 911 Terrorism
    2004-06-11 Day of Mourning (President Reagan)
    2007-01-02 Day of Mourning (President Ford)
    2012-10-29 Hurricane Sandy
    2012-10-30 Hurricane Sandy
    2018-12-05 Day of Mourning (President Bush)
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  5. ajacobson


    The 2007 and 2018 dates are memorial closings for the former presidents' Ford and George H.W. Bush.
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    + they started to close on trading saturdays + once for prayer + fasting.
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