NY's Tower of Lemon Socialism to cost 3.8B

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by noob_trad3r, Jan 30, 2012.

  1. $3.8 billion for a building that can generate revenue vs trillions that went to fund the Iraq War that does what again?
  2. Read the whole story. What does this have to do with Iraq?
  3. The broader issue is the use of taxpayer money. Compared to the financial blackholes created during the reign of Generalissimo Bush, this venture is but a mere singularity.
  4. even broader issue is economic logic was replaced by the logic of religious fundamentalists. and is not going back.
  5. This building has a huge symbolic value. It symbolizes that America we not be broken by Islamic terrorism. Unfortunately, America is in economic decline, but I still support this building as a big F you to terrorists.
  6. Yes it does have symbolic value. We are able to build an imperentrable concrete bunker (think correctinal facility) with restricted access in the middle of a city, gaurded by whom I haven't heard but I'm sure everyone will be armed, camera's everywhere. Sounds like a nice place to do business and invite people to your office for lunch/business. (esp your kids).
  7. the design is absolutely terrible. It's really an eye soar

  8. Its more like a Big F you to the working stiff in America when tolls are slated to go up 57% and other taxes to be raised on the average NY employee.