NYPOST: Rampant cheating on CNBC's $1 million contest

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  2. Just jealous losers. They don't realize there are many fine traders, such as the ones we have right here.

    500% in a week is nothing for them.
  3. You got dat right.

    Any Hershey Trader can beat that b4 lunch.
  4. Hey! That article had absolutely NOTHING to do with Maria B's muff!

    I read it for nothing... fucking false advertising. :mad:
  5. The rules were pretty silly and it was clear you had multiple entries for the same person simply taking bets on small priced stocks with news pending and one of them is bound to hit.

    Also pretty lame that CNBC is going to pay out the million in annual installments of $36,000. How cheap are they?
  6. Thank god I didn't read it...everytime I turn on CNBC at the gym all I hope to see is the glazed eyes of that goddess. She could say "net income" and I'd give her everything I have. She's one beautiful woman.
  7. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out it's just a publicity tool for CNBC to pump their useless website.

    "Before its relaunch, cnbc.com had roughly 145,000 unique visitors. Now that the game is over, the Web site's number of unique visitors is back to roughly 200,000, according to ComScore."
  8. Separated at birth...:

  9. Haha. The biggest joke is that the NY POST link and vapid story is what the WSJ is going to look like with Murdoch at the helm.

    God what a horrible thought.
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