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  1. curious is NYNY a POS or is it really worth jumping on? short or long?????????????????
  2. ?......nibble on some at $1.51, limit-or-better.
  3. went short on monday 36000 shares @2.69
    covered today @2.43 profit of $ 9300. not too shabby
    STC is setup to short so is that whole sector!
    beautiful on the 6 month chart-buffett good news big boys-hedgies will fade the retail spike-perfect sell into news strength!!!
    were are you going to be?
    solars and energy look to be ready to take off!!!
  4. Hi, I am a newbie trader.

    How do you know when to short this stock? What makes you think that it will not go up?

    I'm trying to determine if you only need technical indicators?
  5. NYNY is way volitile stay away!
    only reason i shorted is stock was up 80% in a day-they were asking for it-could move up but company is worthless at the moment reminds me of mining junior stocks