Nymphomaniac forces African man into 36 hour marathon

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  1. A GERMAN nymphomaniac arrested after forcing a man to have sex with her eight times has struck again - this time keeping her victim on the go for a staggering 36 HOURS.

    Published: Today at 13:11


    The woman met her latest victim, a 31-year-old African man, on her way home from a sex addiction clinic in Munich.

    She invited him back to her flat where she kept him hostage and forced him to satisfy her sexual demands.

    The victim eventually managed to break out of the apartment after his attacker fell asleep. He was later found weeping on the street by police.

    He fought back tears to tell them: “I met her on a bus. She invited me back here. It was hell. I can’t walk. Please help me.”

    Munich police confirmed his ordeal in a press statement. The woman has now been taken into a hospital for psychiatric observation.

    The man escaped from her apartment like the first victim last month - when she fell asleep.

    Dieter Schulz, 43, had to guide police to her flat using his mobile telephone on her balcony between sex sessions.

    A naked and frightened Schulz told cops: “You have got to help me. She is trying to kill me with sex. I cannot get out - and I cannot go on!”

    When police arrived to question the woman she invited two officers to join her in bed for a “quickie”
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