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    Hi guys,

    For all the other energy traders out there, just got this info if your interested.

    Phase I – Starting June 11 – Trade Date June 12, 2006

    Crude Oil Futures - standard size plus NYMEX miNY™ Crude Oil
    Natural Gas Futures - standard size plus NYMEX miNY Natural Gas
    Heating Oil Futures - standard size plus NYMEX miNY Heating Oil
    RBOB Gasoline Futures - standard size plus NYMEX miNY Gasoline


    Phase I
    Initial trading of NYMEX® energy products on CME Globex will include nearly 24-hour access to trading
    of NYMEX contracts in both standard-sized and NYMEX miNY configurations. The NYMEX miNY
    products and the standard size products listed on CME Globex will be cash-settled and will trade
    during CME Globex electronic trading hours.

    Phase II
    The second phase of the launch will offer physically delivered NYMEX energy futures contracts on
    CME Globex no later than six months from the initial launch.


    The details of the contract specs are still being finalized, but will be announced on www.NYMEX.com
    in the coming weeks. For more specific questions, you can also contact NYMEX marketing at 212-299-2301.


    For information on getting connected to trade these contracts, please click here.

    Market Data

    Upon launch, CME will disseminate electronically traded NYMEX market data, in RLC format only, on a dedicated CME Market Data Platform channel. The complete NYMEX ITC-format market data feed (including
    pit-traded market data) will be available only from NYMEX.

    Consistent with current CME policy, CME-disseminated NYMEX market data used for trading purposes via
    order-routing systems will be fee-waived. To redistribute any NYMEX market data for non-trading purposes,
    whether sourced from CME or NYMEX, customers are required to execute the NYMEX Market Data
    Agreement. Contact NYMEX Market Data Services for more information and a copy of the Agreement.

    CME will support a top five depth of market for electronically traded NYMEX products. NYMEX data
    redistributors may combine depth of market with top-of-book data so long as the NYMEX Market Data
    Agreement has been executed.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact CME Information Products Management or your
    CME Globex Account Manager at 312.634.8700, or in Europe at +44.207.623.2550.

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  3. funny thing is ... the COMEX division has not yet decided to go along with this ... at least for now
  4. with 25k margins comming on copper it's tempting to assume comex wants retail and small spec out as opposed to in

    i made my first few trades via access recently, kind of similar to using a telegraph
  5. funny,cause i just read that the ecbot has 40% of the gold trades
    i would think that maybe comex would wake up.

    Month-to-date, the CBOT Gold futures complex accounted for nearly 40 percent of listed Gold futures contracts traded in North America

    didn't i read that you used to work there? (nymex)how come they are so stubborn and won't adjust? oris the leadership so arrogant.