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  1. I used to have a squawk feed from the NYMEX for both crude and nat gas, but dropped it back in 2006 when I shifted focus to more grain trading than energies. Would like to get that feed again but cannot find it on the NYMEX site. Is it still available? Can't seem to find one at the usual suspects (Traders Audio, NYMEX, etc)...any help?
  2. since electronic trading is closing up the floors, what do you hope it will do for you?
  3. A feed from the floor about what is trading? Most of that is handled on IM from the various floor brokers.
  4. It's a mike set up to listen to what is literally going on in the pits.
  5. Good volume still done on the floor. The screen isn't everything...yet...although it is headed that way. And I have my reasons, so just answer the question...oh wait...you never have any answers, you just infect threads like a bad parasite. NEXT!
  6. Yea that is true. Used to have a contact over in crude options, but I sort of lost contact with him since 2006, still IM some guys over in grains, but now have nobody in energy, so thought squawk would be the next best thing.
  7. unless you have something set up for all the macro stuff and have the "best" crew" giving you info on order flow etc

    then I would say it is not going to help much

    these days

    you probably know as much as most of those guys

    anyway ...

    it is entertaining though to hear someone say


  8. eh maybe you are right. I still get a lot of good solid info out of the grain pits via some friends down on the floor, was hoping to be able to get at least some of that same type of info for energies...may not be possible though. Time to look through the old Roll-a-dex and see if I can get back in contact with an old friend....
  9. PM me your AIM/Yahoo screen name. I'll get you some feeds.
  10. Quote from traderTX:

    Good volume still done on the floor.

    Volume is rapidly dying almost everywhere, except some options and perhaps the meats. The currencies were so bad, that Chicago shoved every major currency into one pit. ICE mothballed all its pits (CSCE, etc.) in one stroke. NYSE and other exchanges are so empty, that they now have time to give people guided tours.

    Many times, the pits are highly influenced by e-trading rather than the other way around, such as the large S&P/Nasdaq pits.

    And I have my reasons, so just answer the question...

    Wasn't aware that peope had to meet your requirements for ET. I am sure you never in your ET time posted EXCEPT to answer other's questions.

    oh wait...you never have any answers,

    You obviously didn't grasp what I said. But I will await your definitive proof of exactly what you jsut said, after a thorough search and analysis of my posts. Or do you just like to be dramatic? Is your trading as thorough and unfounded as your proclamations?

    ...bad parasite.

    And note, this is where you lose your ability to discuss/debate trading and launch into personal attacks, which is violation of TOU/TOS. But that usually indicates someone is incapable of dealing with the issues. Don't worry, no one will tell. ET just has some people who become abusive when they cannot deal with society.
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