Nymex QG question..

Discussion in 'Strategy Building' started by fandelem, Nov 2, 2005.

  1. Hi All,

    Just wanted to confirm a few things about the QG: (http://www.nymex.com/QG_spec.aspx)

    1) is it really $25 per .005 move?

    2) where is the best fundamental information source for QG? What website has the most news about QG/QM? I know QM has inventory reports Wednesdays.. does QG as well? Are there any other big market movers for QG?

    Thanks for your time,
  2. okwon


    Nat Gas storage stats are on Thurs 9:30 Cst.
  3. What website do you usually check to see this? How close to real-time is it?
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    You can get it off of various newsfeeds. I don't know of a website that has it realtime. The market is pretty wide at the time of release so I don't know how much use it will be to you.
  5. dude ... trading QG is like going to casino and using

    $1000 chips ... if you need the rush of quick wins
    losses in your P+L try QM ( 1/2 size crude ) instead ... in SMALL size until you get it right

  6. Yes, $5000 per $1 move in in QG


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    If you want the best advice - this is it.

    The QM, however, is quite volatile, and bounces around like a super-ball. Can be scary if you have a decent sized trade on. A small move can cost a lot. I think with 8 QM contracts (the multiplier is 500) each tick represents $100. But it can run against you - AND QUICKLY.
    Once you place an order, you can get scalped by big money faster than you can enter a stop, so be careful. Trade in heavy trends if you can, but be prepeared to bail when things flatten out.
  8. I hv checked NYMEX website.

    It should be $12.5 per move (0.005). So the multiplier is $2500 ($12.5/0.005). thx.