NYMEX new limits, NG X20 limit down

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  1. How to figure new limits,

    Ng pipes packed​
  2. maxinger


    NYmex has changed the limit?
    Now NGX20 has hit limit down?
    NG inventory is high and hence the pipes are fully packed?
    Is there some relationship between limit down and inventory?
  3. Not limit yet, but physically the pipes are full cash gas should be pennies...I thot NYMEX changed some rules since crude collapsed
  4. maxinger


    Down it goes again during Asian & Eur session ;
    A Straight forward trade.

    It moves due to inventory, weather, or whatever.
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    no limit moves on natural gas. Sell off due to milder weather forecasts. EIA tomorrow at 10:30 EST will send some clues as to the next direction....
  6. The ship channel is blocked no movemeny out, ship blocking channel, cash very cheap
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  7. maxinger


    Up it goes massively.

    suddenly inventory went down massively?
    suddenly the weather is very hot?

    anyway, don't bother to understand why.
    Just trade based on the chart.


    NG is one of the best trendy futures to trade.

    down -traders earn $$$.
    up -traders also earn $$$.
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