Nymex Down?

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by Malinois, Jul 25, 2007.

  1. Malinois


    Anybody receiving data from NYMEX? No bulletin from IB and all other markets functioning normally.
  2. asd123


    Yes, Tradestation rep said NYMEX CL halted. do you have an open position?
  3. Malinois


    No, no position at moment. Do you know if the floor is open to offset position if you need to?
  4. Anyone have an update on this? Looks like the mini crude is ticking around, but I can't get access from my broker.
  5. Nymex is down....IB sent a message on it (11:11 EST).

    Keep in mind that WTI trades on ICE, as does COIL.

  6. Mini crude is definitely trading, I assume on Globex - I just can't access it for some reason.

    Easiest hedge is probably USO at this point.
  7. Don't know what you mean by "easiest", but the WTI contract on ICE is West Texas Intermediate. The difference is that the contract is 1000 barrels. I'd rather hedge with WTI than a stock.

    By the way, WTI 74.35 right now....12:06EST.

  8. Crude oil and RB to start trading at 12:20 EST.

  9. TY
  10. ICE WTI was trading normally but, yes, the CL feed was abnormal between 10.59 & 12.20, with CL prices mostly coming thru in 10 cent jumps.
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