NYMEX Derivatives Symposium

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  1. just curious if anyone else is who posts on Elite
    is going to be there the next 3 days.
  2. I have heard mark fisher speak

    as well as nick bolliteri

    t boone pickens is speaking later today

    paul tudor jones might be speaking tomm

    also saw a few industry types going back
    a few yrs ... glad they remembered me
  3. I missed first day and would try to catch mark fisher in a webcast. Been calling NYMEX marketing people to register, seems like all of them are away from their desks. Hope to make it tomorrow.
    What ya think of the Fisher 1st class so far ?
  4. nitro


    In NYC?

  5. right across the NYMEX

  6. that is quite a crew. i will be watching the webcast for tudor jones and ADC. THANK YOU !!!!!!


  7. WinSum


    What's the link for the webcast ?

  8. so you mean I am going everyday to hear the speakers live \
    and I can instead watch them "live via webcast "
    from my own pad instead?

    sheesh ... maybe someone will recognize me if I wave to the camera :p
  9. I really can't complain

    they gave out free copies of Fishers Book

    and I got to applaud alot when Bolliteri finished
    his motivational speech

    the continental bkfst is good too !

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