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Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by bourbon, Jun 22, 2005.

  1. bourbon


    Today I watched the Nymex Crude prices to decide market direction and realized I only had delayed quotes.

    My account with IB dosen't mention any NYMIN exchanges fo rme to get real time quotes...

    How can I get it?


    by adding QM to the page field
  2. IB offers WTI NYMEX quotes. Also offers Brent traded on IPE.

    Take another look.
  3. bourbon


    Alright I found it and added it to my page.

    Alas, I don't see any quotes :(

    I think I should ask these questions directly to IB :p
  4. Ebo


    NYMEX eMINY Light Sweet Crude quotes are free.
    Find out the symbol on your platform.
    That's all you need!

    It's QMQ05 on TradeStation.
  5. bourbon


    thanks, and I found out that QMQ05 is not allowed in my IB account :confused:

    tradestation is a broker, I can't see their quotes for free without an account :D
  6. with all due respect, if you can't figure out the symbol I suggest you question yourself about what else you should know but don't.


    btw- all this stuff is in the TWS user manual and on IB's web site.
  7. whew! good thing you found that out before you took a position.
  8. bourbon


    alright, it was added thanks to Ib chat.

    there was a problem :)eek: ) with the platform, using the add ticker button didn't work properly (as in give me the option for futures/date). writing it directly into the field work.

    thanks folks

    My first day and I'm in the green. I'm calling it a day.
  9. Just type in QM to TWS. Pick the August contract when prompted.
  10. bourbon


    Nonsense :D

    see, there really was a problem with the platform. I wrote QM for symbol and NYMEX for exchange in the Add Ticker window, and it just added QM to the page without giving me the futures or date option. it was solved by adding it directly to the field.
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