NYMEX Clearport

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by CPTrader, Aug 6, 2005.

  1. I've registered with Clearport on the trading side and was informed by NYMEX to have my FCM connetc me via the cleairng side.

    A week has past and nothing has been done yet. This may be my FCM's fualt, but I confess it is not even clear to me what my FCM is meant to do.

    I am curious has anyone succesfully made the transition to NYMEX Clearport? If so how did you achieve this.

  2. I'm curious where you're doing this from...

    Someone at the FCM has to OK your access to Clearport, as I understand it. Your rep or risk manager should know how to do this.

    Where do you clear and if you wish you can pm me that. Again, it's curiousity.