NYFIX route and Swifttrade

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Steelhead, Jul 11, 2006.

  1. swifttrade has found much success with NYFIX?

    quote from Szeven----
    How are they doing it? Not rebate trading. I wont say just cause i dont want to piss people off and ruin their earnings, but its not providing liquidity, and it wont last forever...(shockingly to most people its already lasted 16 or so months).
  2. It's pretty much gone, Swift alone brought down the Millenium route and possibly NYFIX company. After a year or so of Swift using NYFIX, you could not get access to Millenium if NYFIX even suspected you of being a daytrader or a daytrading firm.
  3. so its not easy to get these days?
  4. Well,

    NYFIX was delisted from Naz to Pinksheets about a year ago, so that should kinda be a hint. Millenium got overrun with Swift monkeys and kaputz.

    Call the company and see what happens. A year ago, if they suspected you of being a daytrader or a daytrading firm, they simply gave you the runaround till you finally got the hint.
  5. swift and nyfix,,,lets take a look see