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    I am going to be in NYC (and NJ) the first week in June (like 6&7&8 and maybe the 9th). I haven't been in a while, and I was wondering if people could recommend some nice restaurants, and maybe also a nice club that is not impossible to get into.

  2. Just a thought.

    You might google some of your favorite "famous" people and see what places they go to in new york.

    Once I went to "Patsy's" only because it was Frank Sinatra's favorite place.

    "Sparks" is where John Gotti killed what's his name costellano.

    That sort of thing, some celebs own restaurants or celebs have favorite places, just sayin..
  3. IMO a trip to NY isn't complete without stepping into a good steakhouse. Sparks was mentioned which is good, and there's also Ben & Jack's (like Peter Luger's), and the Old Homestead.
  4. Just go to Stone Street (like Ulysses or any of the other bars), actually just do a mini pub crawl on Stone Street... It's a ton of fun ranging from a meat market to turns into a disaster if you stay past 8pm.

    Skip the expensive steak house and do what the locals do... stay out too late, drink too much and then eat "street meat" (from a vending cart) at midnight or 1am. Just remember to keep a $5 or $10 in your wallet - don't spend it all because whether you are buying pizza slices or street meat it'll be cash only.

    If you want to get ambitious you can head to Johnny Utah's in midtown and get thrown off the mechanical bull. If you are going to go that route I would highly recommend having a few pints down on Stone Street first so that as you walk out to Broadway to catch a cab you think it's a good idea to try and ride the Wall Street Bull for practice... Just don't touch the bull's balls... Almost every trader I know has pissed on them...

    If that isn't your thing or if Stone Street gets old then there are a ton of great steak houses around that area.

    This is really good advice... It should be stickied... send me a PM if you are going to do any of the above - I may be already in the area. :)
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    Thanks for the ideas. I have pushed this back to 28th and the 29th of this month.
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    Stone Street is just a bunch of Goldman Sachs trainees drinking $7 beer on Daddy's credit card.

    There are much better Happy Hours with eye candy.
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    One thing that I think I am going to do is go to the Yankees White Sox game on either Thursday or Friday of that week.

  8. Lunch at the 21 Club.
    Be sure to order the steak tartare off menu.
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    Check out the rainbow room either for a meal or just go there for happy and grab a drink. You won't regret it.

    EDIT: They closed it. I totally forgot about that. Damn man, nothing lasts.
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    OK, I got one for ya. I use to love doing this. Go up to the rooftop bar at the Peninsula. Kick ass view and very nice. You'll spend $15 for a drink but it's worth it. Can't beat it during the summer. And you will see TONS of celebrities there if that's your thing. Me and some buddies chatted up Charlize Theron once there.
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