NYC trading/sleeping space

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by illiquid, May 2, 2006.

  1. Looking for empty office space/box in manhattan w/bathroom,shower that I can actually crash in a few times a week. Am driving wife nuts with the odd fx hours. :)
  2. maybe it would be cheaper to have her stay with the inlaws on the nights you must trade FX ?

  3. Many years ago a close personal friend and trading pal was in a similar situation like you.

    Him, another friend and I rented a huge studio apartment and converted it into a trading office except for one small area that was closed off for anyone that wanted to sleep the night for whatever reasons.

    The apartment office was situated close to where we all lived. In fact, it was close enough where it was only about a 25min walking distance from my home.

    This worked nice for many years until I and the other guy moved away.

  4. Let's just say wife needs some time/space for her own work . . .
  5. Sounds great.

    All I'm looking for is a wired space with room for a table and sleeper/futon. I suppose I can get all my showering done at home/gym :D
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    why not stick the wife in the box room you rent with a cooker and ironing board, and you get to stay in the house?

    :D :cool:
  7. Hopefully in the future I can move up to NY and do something like this.

    Blah, guess I'm stuck in VA until then.
  8. that does sound interesting.... i'm in nyc, let me know whatcha find out? Probably can get a somewhat "cheap" studio down near wall st area, split between 3-4+ folk the cost may be justified....