NYC trading firms hiring?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by The Knight, Jan 2, 2002.

  1. nitro


    I was under the impression that all newbies had to trade under a "team leader" at Worldco...

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  2. Try GreenTree Trading ....PM me for info
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  3. dottom


    Since Hitman's name came up, I'd like to announce that in addition to Don's Opening Order strategy and his usual discretionary trading, Hitman has decided to add systems trading to his arsenal!! He is currently deciding on Wealth-Lab vs. Tradestation and will soon be joining the ranks of the system traders! (at least for part of his trading)

    Who would've thunk it?
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  4. nitro


    What a waste.

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  5. CalTrader

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    It is not easy being a floor broker - although in the past you were well compensated for your troubles: I've participated and listened to this debate in one form or another since I started at the merc in 1979: I watched the fills in the heyday of the Gold pit at the merc and during the first trading days at the IOM: I watched the vacuum of the 1987 crash on the floor of the merc.

    A good and trusted floor broker in a viable market will treat you better than an automated system IMHO. However I think that the exchange competition (primarily from electronic systems) will continue to modify the duties of current floor brokers over the next several years. .... adapt earlier than later and you should be fine .....
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    oops..Didn't realize this post is that old. I didn't read the whole thread.

    If your still around hope your making some dough
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