NYC Trading firm has a rumble

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  1. a friend of mine trades at an office and just called me. said about twenty minutes ago 2 hasidic jewish guys were arguing and then all of the sudden started fighting. he said they were pulling each others hair and really going at it. supposedly one of the guys held DEERE ( DE ) into earnings and lost 15 grand.the guy took a big hit yesterday anddecided to go for the gusto and went long 3k shares of DE overnight into earnings. he was reprimanded for holding over night because the firm does'nt allow it and then all hell broke loose. funny story; although i do'nt see anything funny about his 15k loss. another reason why being disciplined is key.
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    Oy vey...what were they using for weapons, day old matzo balls?
  3. John Deere stands behind every product they make except a manure spreader.
  4. It was a hellish scene...the pulling of beards, the tearing of ringlets...
  5. was not a kosher scene. round 2 will be tonight in the catskills.
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    I am sure thay live in Monsey!
  7. Which firm was it?
  8. LOL
  9. Can you hang someone by their Tzitzis?
  10. i am also hearing they faught over the last piece of kafilta fish.
    they have just been spotted on 47th street in the jewelery district. they also have filed a 5 million dollar lawsuit against one another.
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