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  1. Would like to invite any NYC area traders interested in mentoring, or help with writing your trading plan for the new year. This is an invitation to network with some successful traders. I am located a block from Grand Central.

    No strings attached, just a great exchange of profitable ideas.

  2. sure anytime
  3. my approach is mostly riskless arbitrage
    ( when done right)

    or gut feel scalps based on intraday indicators , price movements between related derivatives ,
    and sometimes daytrading pivot levels + daily ranges

    It is not so much charts or level II MM's or swing trading

    does it still do me any good to shoot the breeze with you

  4. Hey Seth,

    Thanks for writing. If you are in the city, please drop by.

  5. maybe you can set up a meeting around the time of the traders

    expo next month ?

    will your firm be there too ?
  6. Next month sounds good.
    A few of us will be there, but we aren't going to have a booth.

  7. EricP



    I'd like to join the two of you for an in-person chat, as well. I think I've talked to Pete on the phone a few times last year, and primarily do automated trading (like Pete, I believe) that might be good discussion for both of you. Although I have not finalized plans to attend the Expo next month, if you guys are interested in meeting, then I'll plan to attend.


  8. laurek



    I have read many of your posts on this message board and it is apparent to me that you have a great knowledge of this business and more importantly seem to be willing to share the wealth of knowledge that you have.

    I am always interested in expanding my knowledge of this business and learning more of what others know..

    I would love to hear what you and some of the traders have to say.

    let me know when you will be getting together
  9. Looking forward to meeting you guys.

    Please give me a call next week to set up a date.


    PS. Laurek, thank you for the kind words. I truly believe networking with and associating with positive like minded people is a very valuable asset. The mentoring and exchange of ideas we do everyday in our office is a tremendous edge our traders receive.
  10. sle


    Hehe. I am about a block from Grand Central too (Madison and 47th) we should do lunch :)
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