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  1. I posted this above...
    I'm coming into NYC first week of December...
    and want some suggestions for restaurants/bars to take first timers in NYC...
    We are 30 and under, and looking for poon is number one goal...
    Don't need an uptight place - just a fun easy going bar or 2, and a great place also to have dinner for 6-8 people...

  2. Dining out, depending upon budget Ben & Jacks steak house, houstons, 21 club, Docks Oyster bar, taj, there are tons of choices on every block, you should have no problem

    Club scene, budda bar, W Hotel bar, karma lounge, marquee, these are chill place

    since your looking for poon, only bet meat packing district, it's a block of clubs for true club heads.
  3. Fah Q

    Fah Q

    Not to be confused with the fudge packing district, that's Chelsea.

  4. Wear ear plugs and scotchguard your clothes before going.
  5. ----------------------------------------------------------------

    And start taking penecilin before you go out to head off the clap.
  6. BadCo


    There's a place on 26th st. bet 5th & 6th called Hill Country. Incredible Texas BBQ. Down to earth cafeteria style service.

    You won't be disappointed.