NYC Traders - WAKE UP!!

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  1. I tried organizing something like this earlier this year, might as well give it another shot. Who wants to meet at the Blarney Stone down on Fulton Street (a couple blocks away from the Fulton St. subway station (4 train-lex avenue goes there I believe, for those coming from midtown).

    What: NYC ET Meet
    When: Thursday July 13, 7:30pm
    Where: Blarney Stone, 121 Fulton Street, NYC


    who's in?
  2. kate



    Would like to meet up but live/work in Westchester. Any chance of organizing something on the week-end?


    SP Trader
  3. i know exactly where it is............& would like to attend but will be away till the 15th............too damn bad..........enjoy the watering hole.
  4. I'd be interested on a Friday/Saturday night … I don't drink the night before I trade (it is just not a good idea!).


  5. RedDuke


    I would love to meet also. I can do Friday nights around 5:30 pm. Can not drink during week as well. My wake up call is at 2:30am to trade Europe open.
  6. diputs


    I would be interested, but I will be working that night.
  7. So we got a pretty good group here of experienced traders who trade different markets ... can we get it together on a Friday or Saturday night?

  8. who trades what?
  9. RedDuke


    I mostly trade Euro Stoxx and DAX futures on Eurex.
  10. diputs


    I cannot do this weekend

    I trade stocks, but trying to get into Options on ETF's
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