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    We have a small group of traders; we share the day to day, trades, charts, ideas, thoughts, material, indicators, help each other with coding or feedback, etc ... anything we want. We use Hip Chat /Slack for this, its spectacular for chatting and sharing charts.

    Half of us are full time and half part time. No newbies. The group is mostly social and collaborative, nobody is teaching anyone anything (unless asked), or attempting to prove oneself right .... we all have different approaches (fibs, momentum, divergences, volume profiling, news, fundamentals, breakouts, scalps, trends, etc) ... the common themes in the group are a love for the markets and a focus on short term discretionary futures trading, although some also do swings, fx, stocks, options, systems, automated trading, etc.

    We'd be interested in having a couple of new joiners. If anyone is in the NYC area and interested please drop me a brief PM with details on background, trading style (main method, instruments, time frame/s) and interests. Its for NYC area based traders only, that's our way to keep it personal. We meet in person for a drink once in a while.


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    Hi Alex,

    I will be in NYC soon for a few months. Are you planning any meetups? I have been daytrading/swingtrading since 2006.
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    Nothing at the moment Thiago. Interesting Linkedin profile you have, I just sent you an invite to connect.

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    Likewise Alex. I'll let you know when I am around.
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    I'd like to bump this thread for the NY metro area traders out there. I also want to state that ours is a 100% non-anonymous group. That's precisely what makes our group so good; its the seed for developing the trust needed for a true connection. Those who need or want to remain anonymous should not PM me for joining. You may find my social media profiles on my profile page.
  6. This post made me recall a recent trading documentary I just re-watched today:

    PBS Frontline: To Catch A Trader, Steve Cohen/SAC Capital
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    Is there going to be beer involved? I'd show up then :)