NYC Traders Expo-Surfer fest-- Saturday Evening 2.16.2008

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  1. Greetings,

    During the NYC trading expo---I would like to invite you to join me at the third annual "Surfer Fest" at 8pm on Saturday 2.16.2008 at the Grand Havana Room 666 Fifth Ave, Penthouse, NYC. Due to the extreme exclusivity of the venue, unfortunately, I need to severely limit the number of guests to 8 from elite trader. Unlike 2 years ago, this will not be open bar, and will be individually billed based on what you consume. I am providing access and cigars only, this year, for the first 8 people, from elite, who wish to attend.

    It promises to be a great time with trading/econ talk, political banter, cocktails, beer, wine, cigars, and potential market/other celebrities. Prepare for potential wacky highjinxs that can only happen at a surfer fest!

    Remember, there is a dress code--- nothing fancy--business casual is fine--no sneakers/t-shirts, etc.

    Let me know if I should put you on the list, I'll contacts you with the details as to where to meet, etc. .


  2. My sister works there. Really nice place. Enjoy..
  3. RedDuke


    Hi Surf,

    I would like to participate.

  4. Hi Surf,
    Can you please put me on the list...
  5. nitro


    I may be in NYC that weekend. Maybe I can come surf. It's between the Manhattan Chess Club and the Havana bar. Hmmm, tough choice. If Capablanca were alive, I could convince him to join me, but he would get all the women.

    Couldn't you pick another room :D

  6. What about Crocs?

  7. anyone found wearing crocs will be immediately escorted to the lower level lobby by marketannasurferland's posse' of quants and other toughs.

    :D :D

    ps. check your PM's... 2 slots remaining.
  8. I think you meant relegated. That's okay. I'm a lower level lobby kinda guy. As for the cigars, could I just have the cash equivalent?

  9. nah, no cash subsitutes. your one fast editor.... and yes, your correct.


    ps.. 2 invites remaining....if nitro confirms, if not 3.
  10. Darn. How about a grilled cheese sandwich instead? Perhaps the quant toughs can bring it down to me. I'll be in the lower level lobby. Tell them to look for the Crocs.
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