NYC Traders Expo coming soon!

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    I thought I remembered this thread posted on ET earlier, but here's to putting it at the top again. Who's all going to NYC for the NY Traders Expo in a couple weeks?

    I'll be there, possibly organize a contingent to go bar hopping in Manhattan and tease the Bridge and Tunnel crowd. :D
  2. Yes, are we going to be able to do a better job hooking up than we did in Las Vegas? Hopefully.

    I'm hoping that Cash Coyne, who will have pleny of you "remote traders" at the expo, can perhaps help with the dates and times for a couple of get togethers.

    Neutral turf, or near our booth.... I hope to see you guys there..


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    It's 13 days to the expo

    Anyone want to help make plans to get together for an ET meet... maybe Monday after the expo?

    Post up here!

  4. I'll be there, can't wait. I'm going to bring my thermos. :)

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    Trying to figure out how in the heck I'll get out to NYC, had an unexpected tango with a tree this AM. Damn ice!

    guys have fun, I highly recommend Blarney Stone on Fulton st i believe.. near the NYSE.. Looks like a hole in the wall place, but the happy hour specials r to die for. :D

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    Anyone please chime in, Are the free workshops (such as Tony Oz) rich in content or are they an hour long buy my book/software sales pitch, also wonder if anyone here has attended a "Raschke" paid event and was it worth it?
  7. is ok in my book ... they might even give out a free book of his
    too at the expo ... did so a yr or so ago
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    a similar thread (about linda raschke's presentations) was posted within the last couple weeks. it denigrated quickly, but most people like her stuff.

    i've found most of the presentations do not have a shill for "buy my book" - i've seen tony's presentations, and he definitely isn't like that.

    the main problem at some presentations is if a subject matter is, say, intermediate, and beginners start asking low level questions, diverting from teh topic at hand.
  9. tony oz scores highly in surfer's book.

    i recommend his talk at the NYC expo. i'll be there......

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    Ditto on the free Tony Oz book last year. They put one in every attendee's registration packet. Not sure how he could then sell you on it. Also, I really liked the Shropshire (sp?) book on trading psychology in the packet.

    I've not yet attended any paid sessions, though tempted. Sometimes speakers from paid events gave free 1-hour talks which were quite good. Some earlier comments I posted on this are at:

    I attended Alexander Elder's free talk on investing in overseas markets. He mentioned emerging markets as having two-fold benefits: growing economies, currencies strengthening against the dollar. He advised caution on Japan, but suggested Eastern Europe, including Russia, as having good potential.

    Since that suggestion the Russian stock market gained about 60% since that call, and that's after the roughly 15% plunge from the Yukos Khodorovsky scandal. From the Russian gov't debt default crisis in the late 90's up to about a few months ago, the Russian stock market had gained 925% in about 5-6 years. That's about 57% compounded annually.

    Despite having defected from the Soviet Union (1980's ?) Elder mentioned that he now has some sort of contact with the Russian markets, and one of his family was even working in Moscow.

    His academic inclinations give him a tendency to refer you to other people's publications in case you want to pursue a thread in more depth.

    Rather than pitching his own books, Elder was actually strongly advising people to read the Economist magazine. That was his strongest pitch of all.

    He may not be the most dynamic or energetic speaker, but he struck me as a lot more credible and thoughtful than those who touted their wares.

    If you want to read more about him, he has a web site. It is easy to find, but I won't post the URL in case it seems like this post is a sales pitch.
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