NYC -- public broadband connection?

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  1. Can anyone recommend any semi-public or public place where broadband is available and where you would be able to download say realtick and tws and trade? My cable connection went down for a full 24 hours and just came back now, and was just wondering about what my alternatives could be beyond my one isp. I'm in an area where there is not much alternative in terms of broadband access (I believe everything goes through time warner up here, no dsl), so a backup isn't feasible.
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    Doesn't that park up by the museum have a free broadband blanket? (sorry, I forget the name) I think it's near Rock center (been a while since I was in Manhattan).
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  4. Seems like you are victim of the massive Time Warner outage yesterday. If you are in the City, then Bryant Park, the Concourse in JPM Chase Tower in lower Manhattan all have wireless access. Also, the NY Public Library have wifi connectivity.

    However, if you want a decent 24x7 backup, you can take a look at the Verizon Wireless Broadband, it is not bad as a backup, depending on how much bandwidth you need, of course.
  5. Thanks for the suggestions, but not sure when or if I'll be getting a laptop anytime soon. Any wireline connections where you can rent a machine for the day? Somehow I don't know if trading at one of those net cafes or the corner deli is such a bright idea . . .
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    If trading is truly your business, you really should invest in a decent laptop. There are tons of Free/inexpensive WI-Fi hotspots in NYC.
  7. Most sizable starbucks offer wifi access via tmobile. Typically, it costs $10 to get a daypass to login and get connected. I have used it many times for trading. Very convenient when you're on the go. Also, alot of the major parks are having wifi installed including Central Park and Prospect Park in brooklyn. I typically prefer the starbucks options because it's indoor and has outlets. Otherwise, you're limited to your laptops battery capabilities.

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    Starbucks has a few outlets for battery charging, you may need to sit in those key seats.