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  1. Hi All !!!

    I have gone over all of your replies and didn't see anyone mention the name of any PROP FX FIRMS.

    That's because there are none EXCEPT for ONE, THE ONLY FIRM IN THE INDUSTRY RIGHT NOW IS THE COMPANY I WORK FOR - Global FX Remote Group, LLC

    Check out their web site at

    Global FX has:

    1. A proffesional state of the art trading facility in NYC where you can come and trade

    2. A team of experienced traders that train and critique all your trades at the end of the day

    3. Three Screen set up : Trading Platform, Charts & Bloomberg Live News and Research

    4.Traders are provided with specific trading strategies and methodologies that make money

    5.Market Research from Top Banks and Institutions

    6.Matched Funding - for more experienced traders

    Other FOREX Firms:

    Just give you the ability to open an account and trade from home

    without any guidence.
  2. Interesting that you posted this today- last night I checked out the site and was considering sending my resume... and of course learning more.....

    how much is that desk fee?
    are all of you trading through fxcm with the same spreads?

    What kind of capital is initially given to the beginning trader etc.

    PM me if you'd like.

  3. could have sworn i posted in this thread.. something about "no commissions, 100% payout, no ticket charges" this company has to be making money somehow.. by leaning on orders???

    its like playing blackjack with a casino that deals your cards and then chooses its own from the deck..

  4. they make on the spread that, they basically act as a dealer.
  5. We all trade through FXCM as they are our Market Maker. We have the same spreads, we never widen the spread like other companies. It is the same as if you opened an acocunt directly with them. As far as the desk fee is concerned, everyone pays it; from the self traders, matched traders, prop traders to the Trainees. everyone gets a 3 creen setup with Bloomberg, charts, research, market meeting and trade critiquing. THE TRAINING IS BASICALLY FREE. check out our web site for more.
  6. isn't this firm part of FXCM or was ??


  7. ok, thanks. they supposedly have a 'special' execution platform--- are these guys the same company ?

  8. Prop FX trading is becoming popular these days. I want to know how it compares to prop trading in stocks. Is it more difficult? What is the success rate of prop fx traders?
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    This is what I do not understand in trading Forex. You trade with your broker, you get a horrible pip spread all on the assumptions that you do not pay commissions. This is why I trade futures. The FX spread is tight. I am not trading against my broker, I do not give up 3 pips on either side. This is the craziest email string I have ever read.
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