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  1. Hey folks, have been trading for about 5 years now, mostly with the same firm. Went lookin to see what else was out there as far as the prop firms in NYC go and did'nt come back with much. Other than Hold, Dimension and Assent as the 3 major players right now did not find anyone else worth talkin to, (Have not spoken to Bright yet don't even know if they exist in NYC). Leads me to believe that with the limited firms out there catering to the needs of scalpers my choices are, the devil I know Vs. the devil I don't. So the question remains did I miss anyone of substance.

    (Not lookin for group leaders at prop firms to solict me, just want to hear what others in the game have to say).

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    I work with Assent on a daily basis and they seem pretty good... good risk mgmt, excellent speed, etc.

    I have experience with Dimension and did not like the automated software options I had there.

    Did you make it to Bright yet? Pretty curious how they look.....
  3. I scalped NYSE stocks with Sonic and Chimera when I first started 5 years ago. Did this for a while, didn't make much money (actually lost some) but I learned the markets pretty well. Felt like it I was a bit handcuffed with my choice of stocks and style of trading I could use. Wasn't allowed to think outside of the box so to speak. I Rebate traded with Avatar trading, and moved to trading news after rebate trading became too inconsistent (for me anway). I left there to trade futures, but i reopened a prop account with Avatar. The lightspeed platform they use is good for scalping and news/earnings trading. I currently trade remotely with them (generous buying power, no volume pressure, leave me to my own devices-which is good for me because I change styles often and carry overnights quite often)

    Their NYC office was on Exchange Place years ago but I think it's on Broadway now.
    The old Exchange Place office was not that big but it was very clean, professional, and had a clean restroom. I would imagine that the new office is just as nice.
    It might sound crazy but I always check out an office's bathroom.
    The Worldco men's room on Wall Street was nasty.