NYC prop firms with good training

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by gilch, Apr 13, 2008.

  1. gilch


    beginning trader...
    no college degree ...
    20k capital to start with..
    sponsorship for s7....
    good comprehensive training program a must.
    anyone have suggestions?

    ive read a few reviews on echotrade and submitted a resume
  2. ..........
  3. First use your 20K to get a college degree.:cool:
  4. Dagree? what's dat? :D
  5. mktmkr


    open an acct. with a good online broker, ToS IB, read the hell out of everything you can get your hands on
    General market structure, capital-credit-futures/financial & commodity
    day trading
    trend following/tech analysis

    then start day trading in a paper money acct. thru your broker
    when you feel like a trader-try to remember that you know nothing and start trading one lots in mini futures practicing strategies you read in the books and looking for patterns
    by that time you'll be on the way to being a trader and probably do something completely different from what i said and hopefully be successful
    good luck
    you don’t need a prop firm to give you leverage till you feel you need leverage, and right now, trust me you don’t
    with more money you are only leveraging you inexperience