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  1. riddler


    C5 Capital

    Cooking availability

    C5 is a state of the art trading room. they have stoves and ovens so those of you that cook don't have to waste money on restaurants. its also a very clean environment where cleansiness is a must. all the traders are nicely groomed and everyone MUST keep their work stations immaculate.
    there are plenty of trading coaches you not only help traders but also route them on and encourage them.not like some other places that just care about taking your money by high fee's.
    they are always looking at charts,thats their main stradegy.
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    C4 or C5?
  3. CrazesSOB


    I love it!

    I'd laugh if these immigrants called their firm "C4 Capital" , you know, like the explosive. Explosives "blow up" all the time if one does not handle them correctly.

    The CrazedSOB