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    Anyone attended? Heard there were more presenters than guests?
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    I have attended the NYC expo for the past three years, the big difference this year was that the bright 20 something traders were not there, they were replaced by 40 and 50 and even 60 something much older traders. If I didn't know any better I thought I may have gone to a AARP conference. Judging from the questions being asked these were all clueless traders.

    Another thing very clear was the emphasis on emini futures, even getting people to trade Forex.

    Most of the presentations were the usual cheesy type. The ones I really liked were by Appel (Inventor of MACD), he is a great mind.

    Lind-Waldock futures had one on managed futures which gave you a good idea how large funds trade.

    The other good one was Don Miller of the QQQ fame. Don has to be one of the nicest guys in this business. After the 90 minutes presentation he spent another hour and a half in the lobby making sure every single question was answered.

    Tradestation had their new version 7 on display. Bill Cruz was on-hand answering questions

    The product that I really liked was X_Trader by Trading Technologies, if someone is interested in trading the e-minis this is a must. However it does have a $600 platform fee.
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    I went in it was horrible this year x_trader was the best i saw but no many traders around just people saying BUY low sell HIGH at the seminars i can't believe people were even listening i really did like the x_trader!
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    lol thanks nitro, i will have better grammar.
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    Or should i say work on my grammar!
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    links - it was the same on friday. the comments to my wife and to a trader friend in nyc echoed yours, and i'm glad to know it wasn't my eyes.

    older people, eminis / futures...

    it seemed like there were more people IN the preview floor when oliver velez gave his presentation speech a couple years ago then were around on the floors during the days.
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    I just spoke to one of our traders who headed back to the show, he said he particularly enjoyed the Fibonocchi Retracement and "Fib CLuster" presentation by Larry Pasevento....I don;t know about the rest of the show...but I am rethingking going to Chicago show.

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    i was there.. have to admit it wasn't worth it. Def a different vibe than the other ones in NY. Felt like i would run into my gramps there. I have a feeling they did advertise it in the aarp mags
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