Nyc/nj Traders

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by rematatrader, Feb 26, 2004.

  1. Any traders either prop or customer who trade in NYC or NJ locations. We are looking to meet traders, talk about some good ideas and discuss subjects such as commissions, rebates and software.

    If anyone is interested please let me know.
  2. SJY


    I'm flying out to NYC next week. Let me know where you all decide to meet
  3. i live in nyc and can hook up any time. let me know
  4. maybe sometime
  5. I'm down
  6. I forgot his name here , but a few weeks ago / months ago
    he wanted to hookup with traders

    also PT2 might be visiting town this month or next
  7. gusy


    Pls post if a meeting place is decided on....good to see what ETrs are up to!! Gus :D
  8. Ok since no one is proporsing anything:

    How about, This Friday 9:00 at Supper in Manhattan?

    Who is in?
  9. gusy


    Like in the "Supper Club" 230 W 47th Street or something else???
    The time is fine...

    Regards, Gus
  10. No,

    I mean the restaurant/cafe/bar Supper on East 2nd Between Ave A and B. They have great wine there and awesome food (the veal is unbelievable)
    #10     Mar 11, 2004