NYC meetup, Is Jersey City ok

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Don Bright, May 7, 2008.

  1. Goldman suggested Jersey City, 2 blocks from train, will that work for you NYC guys for our meeting next month.

    I have a dozen or so RSVP's so far, plus Brighttraders and GS people, room for 15-20 more, let me know.


    Don :)
  2. Sounds good good to me ...
  3. Fine for me as Jersey City works out better than midtown.
  4. Is it Newport/Pavonia area in Jersey City or somewhere next to Goldman building in JC?
  5. GS is checking out a couple places near their building today, I'll know soon.

    If it doesn't work out in JC, we have a place in Midtown. Pretty close and easy to get to.

    I'll get back on here, and post on website as soon as I know for sure.

    Looking forward to meeting and hanging out.

  6. jersey city, man? :(

    it will work, but midtown is where to be.....

  7. You should have taken surf's Grand Havana Room offer Don :)
    It is the place to be..
    I am sure he is still in:D

  8. :D :D
  9. Yeah, maybe when Goldman decides to pay for everything, LOL.

    Up to about 20 for NYC for a few more, keep those PM's and Emails coming.