NYC Meet-Up

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    311 West 57th Cross Street: 8th Ave
    New York, NY 10016

  2. Its tonight at the address above. Lots of industry contacts there. Last one I went to I met a VP from JPMorgan and another guy who worked over at American Express.

    Im taking this to a new level...Im going to where they hangout.
  3. Palomino


    How did it go?

    BTW: There are many, many VP's at JPM. :)
  4. This is true at the Banc I work for I'm a VP and so are many others who couldnt get a pack of pens expensed just because someone is an VP does not mean squat especially in the Banking/finance industry.

    Many Banks use an hierarchy similar to the following:

    Analyst -> Officer -> Assistant Vice President -> Vice President -> Senior Vice President -> Principal -> Managing Director -> Executive Vice President -> CEO

    I work not too far from that location too bad I Didnt see this post earlier I would have checked it out either way so how did it go ?
  5. Surdo



    Are we having another Pajama Networking party?
    I just got a new smoking jacket, I can't wait!

    el surdo
  6. I found something better. No industry contacts with this one, but lots and lots of women. Asian women that is...

    They have this cocktail party every month and you just walk in off the street. No ticket or cover charge needed. No invitation needed.

    In Asia, there are lots more women then there are males and they are all attracted to white men.

    I walked in there and all I saw was asian women, all foreigners. All were really slender and attractive. Grabbed some cocktails and met a few ladies. It was a fun night.
  7. Surdo


    Oh Meesta Scott:

    You Beeg American Trader, me love you long time.

    How is meeting Asian women going to help your trading career?

    This looks like a Big Circle Jerk Party to me!

    el surdo