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  1. with a desire to have an office away from home and open to sharing office space in Manhattan with a small number traders.

    Share rent and costs of T-1 connection and router, telephone, electric etc. Provide your own workstation and desk, or share a long worktable.

    Maybe even share ideas.

    Perhaps start with a short term sublet 6-12 months.

    Space sharing only, each trader manages his own account.

    Anyone interested can email me:
  2. Sounds very interesting.!!!!!!!!!!! I would like eventually to start our own trading firm.
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    Unless your current commission structure is fantastic, I would think you'd be able to get lower costs with a firm already in existence. There are a boatload in NYC.
  4. I'd be interested too, but without a huge amount of capital, we would be hard pressed to come close to the cost of some of the existing firms in NYC.

    Another approach to what you want is to open a branch of an existing firm. Most require that you have 1 person with a Series 24 license, some working capital, and "decent" amount of trading volume. From what I understand, costs to the "branch" would less than .5 cents a share.
    Generic, Andover, Hold Brothers, are amongst the few that I know of that work this way, and I believe many more do to.

    Regardless, I am always interested in new opportunities, so keep me informed of your developments, and always, BEST OF LUCK TO YOU.

  5. Thanks for the responses. What I am interested in is NYC office space and to share expense with other serious traders of any and all styles. My present concern is modest: to defray office expenses and avoid domestic interruptions.

    As I spent time at a trading firm, I am well aware of what firms offer - they do not interest me. For various reasons, I want more control of my environment than I could have at a trading shop.

    My suggestion is that if there are traders in the NYC area working out of home and would like to get an office with perhaps 2-5 others to please contact me:
  6. Of course, a deal could be worked out with a firm that would broker the individual accounts like Andover or Generic/Carlin, etc. which may provide costs benefits to a small group and where the office is self maintained. One would not need a licensed person.