NYC high prices prompts new generation of socialists who eat out of dumpster

Discussion in 'Politics' started by phenomena, Dec 31, 2010.

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  2. It's not for me, but I have nothing against what they're doing. Whatever makes them happy...
  3. iprph90


    humans are the most under rated species when it comes to adaptability!
  4. I have nothing against it per se, other than the obvious health and hygiene concerns. I do think it illustrates the effects of new york's excessive socialist governance and how absurd it's made life in new york become. For a person who earns a decent living, nyc's taxation is on par with France or Denmark, but without all the benefits. I hate what they have done to NYC. It used to be such an amazing town.

  5. Those are young leftists. Typical leftists refuse to adapt. [​IMG]
  6. Now they just need to top if off with some fresh snow-water from all the unplowed snow in the streets thanks to their union buddies.
  7. The one guy with all the hair probably isn't allowed in a real restaurant.

    Ya know why we throw away tons of food because legally restaurants aren't allowed to give it away. liability issues.

    Caterers have extra portions left over, used to donate to the shelters. Food dept said they have to deliver it to the door step of the shelter "hot". Meaning a delviery van with an oven.

    I don't think a butcher can give the dog a bone these days.
  8. iprph90


    a typical U.S. household throws away 30-40% of consumable goods on a regular basis.

    my demeanor changes after we have a nice family dinner and i see that one of my kids has left something on the plate.

    i (want) to tell them that a child dies every 5 seconds somewhere in the world because of hunger. i usually say something less drastic.
  9. The liabilty issues were largely brought on by the establishments own insurers rather than county or city health authorties, many independent US eateries do to this day donate to shelters and food banks. To be fair the to owners and staff of eateries its a big enough job scrubbing down after a service and planning the next day without the extra hassle of organizing food pick ups.
  10. Always a good lesson and usually a generational one.

    And it is a shame that so much is wasted.

    I remember a story recounted in a book by a US (British?) ambassador who attended a celebration of (I believe) Haile Selassie's in the 1920's. After the lavish dinner and stepping outside to walk the grounds of the palace he heard a sound as if a crowd of people were smacking their lips. He walked to the sound and saw a group of indigent poor standing around the garbage heap from the dinner he had just attended, slurping on the remnants of fish-heads and fruit rinds.

    Even taking from the trash in the US is at a higher level than the rest of the world.
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