Nyc Happy Hour

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by eagle488, Oct 16, 2006.

  1. I posted previously on this topic.

    I would like to organize an open get together on Friday after business hours at the following place:

    Brouwers of Stone Street
    45 Stone St (Cross Street: Between South William Street and Pearl Street)
    New York, NY 10004

    I previously suggested Mr. Chows. Any thoughts on this location? The above place is right in the financial district so its easy for anyone who works at the big firms to stop by.

    The advantage of this happy hour would be to share any thoughts or ideas and to make new connections.
  2. I'll meet any traders in New York... I'm not 21 so I can't drink but Eagle seems to have a good idea.
  3. rjv27


    If I can meet someone with the handle "PinkBunny". I'm in. :D
  4. are you bunnypink? better hope you don't get carded.

    LOL !

    where are you in NY ?--527 madison now----


  5. i'll try to be there. dont know friday schedule yet, however. next time , if not.

    looking forward to it!


  6. this friday? (oct 20th)?

  7. yes. will try to make it.

  8. Two Suggestions:

    Thursdays or Wednesdays would probably work out better since it's more of a "hang-out" after work night. For more serious discussions, use Mondays or Tuesdays when things are calmer. Most people just want to get the hell home and away from the work-place and colleagues on Friday.

    Harry's on the corner is a much classier and comfortable place for elite traders to hang out. It's a Wall Street institution thats been a haunting ground for traders over many decades.