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  1. Hi everyone,

    I am the author of the the two other NYC Happy Hour threads. I had originally posted Browers, but I changed the location to Ulysses. They are right next to each other by the way. Ulysses is a little bit less informal and more inexpensive. Im not sure what background everyone here is from, but I am assuming some guys will not be showing up in suits. You might want to check out Browers on a Sunday in the morning, great brunch.

    I just wanted to post this again to make sure everyone saw the change. I work for one of the largest companies in the world. If you come down and need a job, then I will forward your resume to the right people and it might just get you the interview, maybe you might get the job. As well, I might be looking for a job too and you might have an opportunity for me. In any event, it will be nice to exchange ideas. I work out of my home mainly, but my office is over on Pine St.

    October 20th, FRIDAY, after 4pm.

    95 Pearl St
    New York, NY 10004
    (212) 482-0400

    You can message my cellphone. Send a message to

    I would post up more about myself in greater detail here, however, there are certain security concerns.

    If you are from some type of firm trying to sell me something, please do not show up. The last thing I attended was a Trader's Monthly event and some young guy from a specialist firm was trying to get my attention the entire time to sell something. Then there were all these guys with "trade strategies" that service hedge funds. I really just wanted to go to see the watches.

    Then there was this guy (not mentioning any names) from Goldman Sachs who was rude to me. Then there was another guy I met who I felt like belting with my fists. Then the editor of the magazine tried hitting on my gf. In the end, it was a total wash and I decided to get drunk off of the free wine and started telling some guy about my Warren Buffet trading strategy just to piss him off. It was great wine and my girlfriend was pissed that I was so drunk. Well, what can I do...At least I got to see the nice watches.

    This time I want to do things different. Network, meet people and see what connections I can make.
  2. Lets shoot for after 4, but realistically 5. Guys might be closing positions in the market at end of day and may need some time.
  3. hey eagle,

    this is a cool thing for you to do. thanks! whats the head count so far, and how will we recognize you?


  4. I've never been to Ulysses, so not sure how big the place is but what area are the guys from elite going to gather at?
  5. Im almost ready to take off. I have a meeting to attend very quickly, but I will be there probably 5 or sometime after.

    Im not sure who is coming, maybe it might be just me and the bartender...;)
  6. If you show up, I will give you a special prize. My brother was one of the CEOs in the top 100 "hot growth" companies in Businessweek. Bring that issue with you and guess who my brother is and I will tell you how to trade it. . .
  7. CTT


    I just got home and found out about this, so a little too late for me to make the trip back into the city. Hopefully next time I will read up on things a little sooner.
  8. Its ok. I am here now and there was one technical error. There are so many people here in suits and ties. I should have given better instructions to meet. Well, Im here in the back sitting at the bar. Im in a suit and tie, the only one here with a laptop. Right in front of door that says "lounge".

    I have a woman companion with me if that helps.
  9. tried to locate anyone, no success. back to the essex house.....

    sorry i missed you, hopefully next time.

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    next time, everybody bring the flower and put it on your head as calling sign.

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