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Discussion in 'Trading' started by praetorian2, Dec 31, 2001.

  1. I just like to know what trade you did on Friday that netted yo $2700. Do you daytrade or hold positions overnight.
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  2. By the way how was the NYC get together?
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  3. limbo


    Top- notch--Prae2-Hitman-Deeman-Jens-limbo--great discussion-great time.
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  4. sorry i missed the NYC meet...
    definately got to make the expo in Feb.
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  5. NYC was a great get together. Lets definately do another one at the convention in NYC in february. As for friday..... I don't really remember all the trades. FIC was sweet as an overnight from thursday. Azo wasn't bad either. The real moneymaker for me was itmn. I put my hands in that honeypot so many times in the last 2 days. I think I took about 7 points or so off of it on 5 swings. Basically friday was a slow day though. Most of my money was off overnights. Hain looks sweet for tomorrow though... I can't find anything else on my scans. All of these stocks I took overnight I took less than 1500 shares of. Lately I've been taking 1/3 positions because I feel liquidity is low. Otherwise I would have been taking 3-5k of each.
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  6. P2

    I noticed in another post you said your'e 20 years old. Would you mind sharing how you came into enough money to trade the number of shares you trade? Did you build it up from scratch? If im too nosy, sorry.
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  7. Nice trade P. I'm assumming you shorted most of these since you held them overnight. What made you decide to take a position in FIC? Thanks.
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  8. This is now my third year, and yes I did build it more or less from scratch. My dad gave me 30k to start with, and I blew more than half of it before I started being profitable. I would never have shorted such oversold stocks. Those ones I named I bought on the close on thursday and sold near the close on friday.
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  9. Praetorian I see the stocks you selected drop quite heavily in the past several days mainly on higher than normal volume. I'm kind of scratching my head on why you bought AZO. Do you use stochastics in your scanner?
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  10. By the way I tride to get into tat yahoo club but it indicated their was no such club?
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