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Discussion in 'Trading' started by praetorian2, Dec 31, 2001.

  1. I'm sorry in advance if this is off topic....
    I am rarely in NYC, but I am this year for the holidays. I was wondering if other traders wanted to get together after trading ends this friday for a happy hour type get together at some downtown bar. Maybe some time around 7pm or so. I know that some people from my room will probably be attending. Any ideas of good bars (I'm only 20, but my id is decent) or where/when anyone would be interested are appreciated? Please respond here I guess, and have a good new years.
  2. I am in NY in westchester, not to far from the city......but sure....if you want to email or post here..... should be a fun time., I will post a few places we could go ....but i will do it tomorrow as i am runing out of the office now...Chris
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    Chris this is good-I was just talking to HK (Praetorian2) about setting this up.
  4. Sounds good buddy hey have a happy new year we will be at tavern on green tonite, enjoy yours......chris

    I have my cell on if you want to call.....Happy HOlidays
  5. sounds good...I never turn down an opportunity for a drink.
    name the time and place...

    if school was in session my vote would be The Stone Crow...lots of NYU ladies, pool table, dart board, food, and reasonable drink prices...and they have New castle on tap
    but I'm up for any place that has cold beer
  6. i'm an nyc resident, but will be skiing through the week upstate. post the time, if i get back earlier, i 'll join up.
  7. she left me for a trader.

    If you can't beat 'em join 'em!:D
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    Let's take a day or so- put on our thinking caps and come up with great place for all. NYer's -any out of towners-etc. Let's put all feuding aside and plan a nice get together. Need to find a place that will best satisfy all--crowdwise-comfortwise-$wise--womenwise etc.
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    Sounds like a great idea guys. Maybe we can already plan something for this Friday. I know a nice place on 7th Street and Avenue C. It is called Zum Schneider - a German beer bar. Iam open to explore new things though. Even if we don't manage to get a big get togehter we might as well meet in a small group and plan something bigger later. I think we should discuss details here on the board so anyone can read them. but you might as well email or call me: My cell phone number is on my site at under contact.

    Limbo...we will talk on Wednesday...

    best regards,

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    This is gonna be a fun time so all who can should try to make it. Tomorrow we'll post place time etc.
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