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  1. does anyone know if GHCO or any other futures trading firm in NY has office space to handle retail traders?

    I'm looking to pay a desk fee to have resources like bloomberg, t1 lines etc. paid for rather than having to pay the overhead myself. i know such firms exist in london and chicago, but can't find such a firm in ny.

    i trade fairly heavy volume and do mostly intraday trades. i have my own capital and do not need additional leverage. any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. From what I know both GH and Refco Trading Services offer retail. I traded prop for both and I would say that service wise, Refco is a far better choice (in house analysts, more research tools, etc.) although this is the prop side, I have no idea what retail is like and I have heard good things about GH's retail.

    Best of luck
  3. One more thing .. don't know if this matter to you or not, but the Refco office in NY is infinitely better looking and set up better than the GH's (looks like a typical stock prop shop) .. although I heard the NY office had some tech problems in the past, so make sure they have that resolved.
  4. someone had mentioned to me that refco's NY office doesn't really cater to retail traders and is really only for their prop guys - that's why i was inquiring about gh.

    do you know of any other firms out there that i should check out? you have any idea what a typical desk fee might be for a retail trader at one of these shops compared to what one of their prop guys pays?
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    ii'm interested in this topic as well.

    In order to trade retail at either refco or gh, how much risk capital is required upfront?
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    Pioneer @ The NYMEX is your solution.