NYC futures prop firms (CME, CBOT, ICE products)

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  1. Can we talk about financial futures props firm in new york?

    I know about skty, smw, ghco, trandsmarket.

    I've heard of velocity, rosenthal collins, man financial, saxon, mbf clearing corp. but know nothing about them or what their prop groups are like. I trade CME & CBOT products.
  2. If you could include desk fee and payout info it would be much appreciated
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    Skty is a Eurodollar market maker (i think one of the largest) in the CME pits, and is also an energies market maker in NYC. I think i still have the contact info for the recruiting company that does their hiring for their chicago office, PM me if you want me to try to dig that up for you.
  4. With Refco gone, I only know of Goldenberg. Anyone know of others in NYC?
  5. Prop futures nyc ?

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  7. okay, anyone know any futures firms that do prop trading in the ny metro area?
  8. breakwater
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    First New York trades futures as well as the vanilla stuff.
  10. thanks Kuran47!
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