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  1. Anyone headed to NY traders expo next week?
  2. ...Traders Expo...that's a laugh -- more like Devil salesmen and the herd of innocent, bright-eyed sheeple :caution::confused:
    If I had a booth there, I would call mine: Jesus Christ Moses Trading Academy
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  3. Wow! I am surprised they are still happening. I wonder who attends-- it was seriously the living dead at the last one.

    I use to go to everyone since they started. However quit in 2007 and never went back. They just kept getting more and more sad.

    Last one i attended in 2007 was nothing but FX dealers, rip off artists, and scary, desperate retirees who never saved for their future and wanted to make millions with a thousand or two.

    One joker tried to steal my jacket. Stay away!
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    The last one I went to was also in 2007 (I believe), it was at the Marriott Marquis. I was with TradeStation and IB at the time and wasn't real happy with either. I had a question on the TS platform and went to the pitch guy at their booth to ask my question. He basically said I could find the answer in "Help". I told him yes and I can also find another platform....went home and opened an account with Mirus and ended up buying a lifetime license to Ninja. But yes, these things are basically vendor-fests. If you are looking for a platform, you can demo different ones, otherwise, it's just a carnival.
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    My office is very close and I typically have friends that are presenting there. I might be there Monday around noon for a short time. The show is typically part retail presentations, part service offerings like those that offer trading signals and news and the balance are some prop firms. The exchanges and some regulatory bodies also have small booths.

    bigspeculate-If you are there Monday around noon, send me an email with your cell phone number and I'll try and meet up for a quick introduction.
  6. I went a few times when I lived in the NE. Its a pretty good show.
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    Hi Dave,

    Had no idea you had a book out. Just bought it from Amazon. My first new trading book in a while. Looking forward to reading it.


    PS. I miss Surf's get together.
  8. Hey my brother! Thanks!

    I upped the get together game.

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  9. I used to go. Decided it was too depressing.
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