NYC expo and another petition

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  1. I know there is already a petition floating around but sign this one as well, it's THAT important!

    Also pass it along to other traders.

    Furthermore, there was a very good point made in another thread for those of you attending the NYC Traders Expo.

    "For those going to the NYC Trading Expo, be sure to inquire to the brokers in the exhibit hall what they are doing to speak out against a transaction tax from being enacted. Remember to tell them that there's currently 2 bills in Congress seeking the tax."

    Have a good night and good luck trading tomorrow
  2. Didn't have the link at first -- it's up now
  3. Tide31


    Union voters supported President Obama 67 percent to 30 percent over McCain. In the top-tier battleground states the difference was even greater, with union members going for Obama 69 to 28—a 41-point margin.

    Morgan Stanley estimates that pension funds world-wide hold over US$20 trillion in assets, the largest for any category of investor ahead of mutual funds, insurance companies, currency reserves, sovereign wealth funds, hedge funds, or private equity.

    America's union lobbyists are stubbornly against a STET. The hardest hit of any group would be the retirement assets of the very people that voted in the current administration and put democratic majorities in power in congress.

    They are the primary reason a STET was defeated in 1990 and the reason it will be defeated in 2009.

    In addition to petitioning our congressmen, we need to rile AFL-CIO guys and have them get those blow-up giant rats on the steps of the Capital Building and the White House.

    So call all your union buddies and have them write in to their local HQ screaming bloody murder because they are getting screwed.

    Sign up to union blogs here at the AFL-CIO website, I already did, let them know what we know. You don't have to be a union member:

    Click here for AFL-CIO Activist Family Network