nyc expo 2011 and question.

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    signed up for the nyc expo again to see what's going on. as usual, i would only be going sunday because tuesday i'm trading, and monday (president's day) i'm off taking care of my kids.

    in the past, no problem. go down there, meet a few ppl, see the exhibit hall, come home.

    but it appears on the website that the exhibit hall is NOT open on sunday. i'm going to call them on monday to ask, but for now, just a heads-up for other people who might be attending that day.'s almost definite i'll be at the expo in the late morning / early afternoon on sunday. is anyone else going to be around then?

    oh, also, another heads up. if you register for the conference, do so with a disposable email account. i'm not sure when they started this, but as part of their TOS (terms of service), they include something in there that "Agreeing to be scanned in a workshop/presentation or exhibit booth equates to an inquiry about that company’s products and/or services and an approval by you to receive future contacts and/or information from the company involved for up to three months."

    in other words: you sign in, your email is on their list. and don't believe the part about 3 months; when i had previously gone to their site to see an interview (and required a login), i didn't notice that line. within hours, i started getting junk about futures (i don't trade futures) from their marketing partners, complained to them, they said "you agreed to it in the TOS!" which i hadn't seen...and still more than 3 months later, was receiving junk from one of their partners.
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    just checked their web site, the 'grand opening & welcome reception' for exhibit hall is 4pm sunday. and orlando show says "Please note that the Exhibit Hall will NOT be open Wednesday, unlike previous years". not sure why that is, but at least it appears to be open for some time on sunday.

    so...anyone going to be around between 1 and 4pm on sunday?
  3. The junk mail is relentless and it goes on through the year...
    even if you check off to not be subscribed it still is found in the inbox and spam.( after registering and getting scanned )
    I usually stop in on Saturday when it comes around to Manhattan. Around 3 years ago had an opportunity to meet up with about 15 people from ET.
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    just to update...exhibit hall WILL be open after 4pm on sunday.
  5. i'd love to go and learn more about trading.

    i'm a complete noobie here, looking to start practicing and gaining some experience.
  6. I am signed up to go and looking at hotels.

    With the bedbug issue I want to stay at a good hotel but I am still a cheap bastard (but friendly one too) and would like to know if anyone wants to split a room (maybe at the show or away)

    I went two years ago and did the taxi thing even walked back to the my hotel and saved a couple hundred by not being on site but I can go see the merits of both. Staying on site sees like it could make sense if the cost is 50% of what it would be otherwise.

    PM if your interested. I probably will be doing some trading to so anyone that wants to see my do live trading without driving to my this would be a chance.


  7. use priceline, put in 4 star hotel and a bid of $90. There are thousands of vacant hotel rooms in month of feb in NYC, all around times square where this event is. good luck.
  8. Thanks will look at that.

    Looks like the way to go. will report back if i get a room

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    friend of mine years ago stayed at the portland, which is a couple blocks away (and afforable).
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    *not recommended
    Hotel Carter

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    “The bathtub was full of dirty black stuff.”
    * 78% of reviewers do not recommend this hotel
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