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  1. I'm currently searching for for desk/office space in NYC. Basically all I need is a desk with high speed internet connections and the ability to hook up a few phone line(s). Downtown is ideal but I will consider other parts of the city as well.

    I AM NOT looking for a broker, clearing firm, etc.

    In addition, I DO NOT need a computer, monitors, Bloomberg, etc.

    Ideal situation would be to share office space with an independent trader(s), small fund, or local who needs an upstairs office, etc.
  2. Our firm offers desk space in NY on Broadway, we offer everything you need, compensation is made on commission based, if you are interested please let me know and I will be in contact with you.
  3. I am only looking to lease a desk/office, I DO NOT need a broker/firm to trade through as I primarily trade OTC energy products.
  4. oh oh ...

    that's the phone number for GlobalfxLLC
    in that craigslist ad ...

    somepeople do not like that outfit ... maybe you will find them ok for your needs though.

    here is another idea

    go to the NYMEX website and look up contacts
    for member / non member firms down there that might be willing to let another trader "rent space"
    in one of their offices ?
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    Did you have any luck finding office space?

    I am also interested in a similar thing.



  6. i also am seeking space in NYC. What's your take on global's set up? Have you seen the space there?

  7. Just really beginning to search this week. Seems like the best option would be to find a couple/several guys that are looking for office space and go in on something together.
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    Interested as well!
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    Call MBF Clearing in Nymex they always have tons of space. Or at least, they did last time I walked through their place. They clear tons of independent traders their and may know of something even if they don't have any space. If you are willing to move some of your business---they may work out a deal with you. Even if you are not willing to move some of your business---you should make an appointment and price them out. At least then you can sit face to face with them and talk with them about open space in Nymex. You got to have a pass to get into the building. Just some ideas for you.
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