NYC CTA seeking Office Space

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  1. Registered CTA located in Manhattan seeking office space...

    Will consider various arrangements including:

    *allocation + desk space
    *Swaps (office space for services/advice)
    *Straight lease agreement
    *Creative arrangements

    If you're reading this and have access to office space in NYC, please PM me.
    Have a great day

    -Chi CTA (I'm not in Chicago anymore)
  2. allocation plus desk space? I have heard of desk/office space for investors but never the other way around. Seriously, you should remove that option-- it's quite revealing. Unless I am mistunderstanding, that you want me to invest in you and provide you an office/desk? surf:eek:
  3. Family offices sometimes to this. While you may consider yourself to be the epicenter of the trading universe (as judged by your quick response time), there may be things you do not know.

    Larger institutions may sometimes scout for small to mid-sized managers they can develop and keep 'in house.'

    Thanks, "surf."

  4. Ok, good luck with that dream in NYC. best, surf
  5. Do you find it necessary to reply to every thread you see?

    It's difficult to imagine more dicks trolling ET than reddit, but perhaps ET's resident trolls are more prolific.

    You'd have to be a pretty ignorant market participant to think a firm would want a RETAIL investor to provide office space as part of a seeding/funding/allocation arrangement.

    Similarly, good luck with your "Journalism." Look forward to reading your work on the Yahoo comments section.

  6. Since you seem to be from Chicago I can't know how well you know NYC. Unless access to technology, feeds etc is important to you (and if it is you should specify your needs) in terms of space to lease NYC -- Manhattan -- and the surrounding metropois has the most varied rental stock in the world.

    My advice is to either lay out the details of your needs beyond four walls or, if it is four walls is all you need -- from economy to ultra-luxury - - simply call a reputable broker who can start showing you space tomorrow morning. I suspect you need more than space so don't keep it a secret.
  7. There are tons of sharing opportunities in NYC for desks or offices-- but no one is going to give a guy an office and an allocation -- making that request will only diminish his chances of landing any real situation. Posting here is smart, I personally know of several ET readers with space in NYC, but not to someone who also needs an allocation and lets it be known. just trying to help, surf

    PS-- very few if any brokers could help with this situation---- they need to be paid.
  8. Respectfully, you're just trolling other people's posts to be a dick, which is aggravating to people who are "real."

    I already have two leasing opportunities including one at a good price, but I'd rather *not* be renting a desk at a trading arcade.

    I posted to see if there were any synergistic opportunities, such as another trader who's looking to split space, or an institutional broker looking to fill seats. There are MANY choices in NYC. I know this already, I don't need to be patronized.

    Since *YOU* are not somebody who currently has office space, why are you still writing onto this thread?

    ..And we don't "need" an allocation - we need SPACE. Our last lease ended. ::EYE ROLL::

    I deserve this for posting on "elite" trader.

  9. He has included a straight lease as an option. He is willing to pay. What more can anyone want!


  10. Yes, I am RFQ for office space...wanting to see what's out there via non traditional channels (EliteTrader).

    As I've grown both as a person and as a business owner, I've become more humble as my knowledge increased. Not more arrogant.

    I'm definitely bothered by people who harangue other people with little knowledge of their situation, and in obvious disregard of what they wrote.

    Thanks for pointing that out, Swan. Again, I deserve this for posting on this forum.
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